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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In Praise of the Younger Man

My grandmother always told me to ,"date young guys...raise them as you want and when he 'acts up' just get another." Strange words I suppose coming from your 70 year old granny but she was very liberated in her views on everything...especially sex.
In my life I have found her words to be great advice. Personally, I prefer younger men. Every older man I dated only wanted to stay home, sit in the corner of a sports bar or nothing. Initially when I entered the dating world, I dated older men. because I thought I was supposed to . But the problem I found was, while older men are usually great conversationalists, not much into the "action" part. Sure, I'd like to talk about the world's issues, wars as other failings of humanity but sometimes a girl just wants to fuck.
Recently, I asked 57 year old "Mike" this question: "What would you do if I came to you, in the mood and naked underneath my St. Louis Cardinals jersey?"
Mike: "Oh, I'd be too distracted by the jersey to do anything sexual."
WTF? OMG! I'm a Cards fan from way back but if I come to you naked under my Cards jersey--I expect sex! Even during the playoffs, a naked woman wearing only a Cards jersey wants you!! But no. Sorry.
I asked a 30 year old friend of mine the same question:
Adam: I would look at her and say "That's beautiful...now take it off, let's f**k!"
I even asked my 21 year old son and his response was:
Blake: "Naked under a jersey tells me she wants sex." BRAVO!
I date in the "I don't care about your age" group. But I have noticed a difference in older vs younger men...and this is just MY experience
Most of the time, I am a 5'5" in shape, blonde and a 38DD chest. I consider my self attractive and I love cooking, sports and men. Like some men, my dates are supposed to end with sex. Terrible, I know but I am a single woman, drug and disease-free and a professional. I just need a "match." The match seems to be lurking around in the 30 to 50 age range.
In MY experience, older men have to have their pills--can't tolerate spicy foods after 7pm, and they tell me all about their arthritis, gout, ex-wives and problems with their grownup children. You go out to have some fun and you end up hearing some old guy's life story.
In MY experience, younger men are just fun. Dance, dance, dance--maybe a couple of shots (I don't drink) and their attention seems to be squarely on me. That's refreshing.
I like a good, hard f**k from time to time but older men just aren't interested. Younger men are fun, most express no interest in issues of the world...they just want to have fun.
I recently was the designated driver for my friend's birthday and we went to a bar called "Rock Tavern." Great sports bar in my town. I sat at the bar drinking water and watching everything from the baseball games, WNBA, and MMA. Younger men were impressed with my sports knowledge and my long blonde hair. We laughed, one asked me to dance and eventually we shot pool. I looked over at my friend and she didn't have the smile on her face like I did. She seemed bored with the gentleman sitting with her.
Okay. Some men like blondes, some like redheads--I happen to love younger men. The ones I PERSONALLY have been with ready to go and last a long time. They wouldn't let a jersey distract them from p***y. They have no trouble "getting it up" no little blue pills needed.
The basic difference I have found between older men and younger men is the former is just waiting to go home while the latter are trying to find a way to get YOU to their home! I relate more with younger men. They don't ask me medical questions when they find out I'm a critical care RN. Older men want to know why "this hurts" or "what's the best thing to treat, whatever."
Now nobody can fight age completely but we women have an entire industry devoted to keeping us young looking and repeat customers. I wish the same industry would create a 'male division."
Younger men are fun, free and frisky. Surprisingly, the younger men I meet have manners and can talk to a woman while looking her in the eye. Magic.
I'm like a man...when I see something attractive, I want to meet them. I want to dance with them and I don't want to pass up what MIGHT happen.
I understand that older men have seen it all, had their families and their careers. That brings them money, retirement and boredom. It's fine. These men are awesome. But I like younger men.
Societal norms have changed. Women now "check out and judge men initially by their looks." We aren't limited to a certain mindset when it comes to relationships. The worst relationship I've had lately has been with a 57 year old man.
As expected, he was a professional, hard working with no time to eat right and look better or any time for me. Sex was rare but the "sexting" was up to par. But sometimes a woman "wants it" too.
So younger men....thank you for your energy, your interest in sex, your carefree foolishness and your stamina.
Nothing compares to YOU!!!  


  1. I agree with you through and through. I found myself better to get along with older women than younger ones not just in a sense of sexual chemistry but overall learning about ourselves or just being friends. There are always stories and no dull conversation. I am not just into pop culture, and I find myself old soul stuck in a modern world. Sometimes, I have wonder, had I not gotten involved with an friend who is quite older than me 10 years ago, where would I have been now? At that moment, I just felt getting in with her and moving on, but then I was quick to realized how stupid I was. She is also a breast cancer survivor like yourself, and we have stayed in contact as friends.

    I guess if I hadn't come to the realization, I'd not have dated older women and wouldn't have good relationships later on. Thank you, Dyane for being candid. I love reading your blog!

    1. Thank you for your readership, honesty and for taking the time to read my blog. I hope to begin blogging 3 times a week.
      Loved reading about your experiences and "confirming" why younger men are better. Tell your friend "Hello" and that her example gives me hope!!

      By the way---I love your screen name!

  2. You're welcome!!

    I have not read all of your blog entries, which I intend on doing so. But this entry caught my eye. We are two birds of the same flock ;-)

    I am connecting with my friend this weekend as she is flying from IA for her first time visit in AZ. It's been 6 years since I have seen her.

    Would love to chat with you online when you have time.