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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Do Men NOT Know that Women Lie, too?

My grandmother always said, "Never trust anything that bleeds 5 days a month, every month for years and doesn't die." So why don't men ever question women?
Recently, a blast from the past started sending me Facebook messages. He made his way thru by commenting on my "inference" of breast cancer and even though I have a strict policy of "never go back to anyone you used to date" and "no married men" I slipped. Well, unfortunately, he was both. But big deal, right? Women can't talk to married men? NO. They can't.
"But we can just be friends." NO. You can't.  Especially, if the married man is "connected" in the community and "well-known at church." This merely sets the stage for him to eventually say, "You haven't kept any of our messages, right? I'm a married man...I have standing in the community and church...blah, blah, blah."
My question is: "How can a man with apparently so much to lose never considers the honesty of the woman he "wants on the side."? Does he really expect HER to be 100% honest...when he's not? Why does he expect HER to protect his marriage?
"To thine own self be true...lie your ass off. Men never see it coming."
The fascinating thing to me is HE can tell you whatever he thinks will work at the time while never thinking that you might not be telling the truth-either. Now climb off those moral mountains ladies...you might say "liar" but I'm saying "protective speech." Why not? Doesn't every married man claim, "I am married. I shouldn't have been doing this anyway." Wow, ladies...that's some consolation, huh? In other words it's, "Look, I gotta keep this secret so my wife doesn't find out. Besides, YOU should've known better."
Again, why doesn't it ever occur to a married man that you might be an even better liar than he is?
Men know women lie, right? I'm not letting some secret "cat out of the bag" am I? Contrary to many a married man's fantasy, "outside piece" isn't home alone by the phone awaiting for you to call so she can start breathing again. You see, she's actually not dying to break up your family to get you for herself. She knows you're all talk...maybe you should start realizing that she's "all talk," too.
My little married man friend "said" something to me that I can't live with. Every woman should have a line that can never be crossed by anyone. Once the line IS crossed, whoever crossed it simply no longer exists. Cut them out. Even the Bible speaks on the value of doing this.
I still wonder: Did he really think I was going to give him directions to MY home? Why do men think women have no life?  Oh sure, we are taught to "worship" the male form and "stand by him because he's only...just a man" (s/o to the late Tammy Wynette) BUT NOT WHILE LOSING OURSELVES!
I have every text and post he ever sent me. Girls like to collect things...and we like to read those sexy, erotic messages 'our' man leaves us that somehow prove his love...even though he's married. You can bet he's erased every message you've ever sent!
Again, why are men so careless? Telling you where he works? Saying he'll call but never does? Making an awful lot of personal information about himself "virtual pillowtalk"? And "taking time out of his busy day to text you" is supposed to be some big deal?
Ever wonder why so many men get caught cheating while women rarely are caught? It's because WE are better at it. "Our" outside man/men are at least across town and out of town. We are the are the gatherers-we will "scout around" in case of an emergency--or a breakup. We have a backup plan, and a backup plan for the backup plan. We are careful. Most of the time, he isn't even aware of it.  He's his own priority, he's decided that his wife is now "The Warden" so he deserves some "outside p***y."
"My wife doesn't understand me." he says. So?
The inability for a man to think "what you sow, so shall ye reap" is the key to everything girls. Not only are we secretly relieved when "our bull" wanders over to someone else's pasture...we know it'll never occur to him that we've checked out a few "bulls" ourselves.
I lust for big, tall, dark-haired men with intelligence and jobs. Anything less and I have suffered.  But I have learned.  It works in our favor, ladies that a man is made the way he is because they are so much easier to cheat on and lie to than we are.
Married men aren't the free-wheeling, good time guys they used to be once they got away from "the warden" at home. One told me that if a naked woman was "in the mood" and wearing a Cardinals jersey, he'd be too distracted by the jersey "to perform" sexually. OMG!!
Women, on the other hand, will tell the worst lover she ever had how wonderful he was--and he will BELIEVE it. Thank God.
So if you're thinking "relationships can't be based on lies" you're right. But guys, please consider that your "outside piece" may be a better liar than you are.
I am!

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