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Monday, May 30, 2016

Law & Order CPU (Cell Phone Unit)

Pilot: One sister accuses the other of destroying "Nana's" cell phone. (I don't know how I would accurately write that well-known set of tones loyal viewers hear when an episode of 'L & O' starts.)

Final Scene: Summations

D.A.: "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I'll be brief. The defendant confessed to the crime so therefore, you must come back with a "Guilty" verdict.  Thank you."

Defense: "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this case isn't the 'crime, confession, guilty' one the D.A. would have you believe it is. This goes deeper. This case is one that is as old as Cain and Able. Jealousy, manipulation and destruction.
The facts are these. Nana's phone was connected to the charger and was lying on the floor. About an hour later, Nana went to pick up the phone and found it disconnected from the charger and wet, as the prosecution's star witness, Miss Julie Reins said. But what Miss Reins didn't say was that the phone was lying right next to the charger and not reconnected. What does this mean? First, it means that someone had disconnected the phone, gotten it wet and placed it on the floor beside the charger without reconnecting because they knew what might happen if they plugged in a wet phone. The defendant isn't capable of knowing such consequences.
For my client to have committed this crime, she would've had to disconnect the phone, throw it into the toilet--as her accuser claims--retrieve it and carefully lay it next to the still plugged in charger's prong from which she had supposedly taken it. Impossible. Why? Because my client was in fact. in the laundry room with Nana while this crime was being committed. Oh, but my client confessed. Yes, she did. Let's go over her confession.
"Julie: Did you throw Nana's phone in the toilet?"
"The defendant, Zaya Reins: Yeah."
"Julie: Did you mean to throw Nana's phone in the toilet?"
"Zaya: Yeah."   But ladies and gentlemen, you didn't hear the rest of my client's so-called confession.
After this exchange, Nana herself asks, "Zaya, did you throw my phone in the toilet?"
"Zaya: Yeah."
"Nana: Did you drive my car to work today?"
"Zaya: Yeah."
"Nana: Okay. Zaya, did you kill Kennedy?"
"Zaya: Yeah."
"Not much of a slam dunk confession the prosecution thought it was, wouldn't you say? One thing was never discussed. How is it that the defendant's sister knew where the phone had been thrown? How did she know it had been 'thrown' into anything at all? But most importantly, how is it that my client could be in the laundry room with the victim of this crime AND destroy her phone at the exact same time? No one, not even Zaya can do that. The defense concludes that it was not Zaya but her very own sister Julie, who cooked this whole scheme up with the intention of replacing her younger sister as 'the highly favored sister' thus moving herself into that position. As with Cain, Julie was not her SISTER'S keeper but her accuser. Therefore, you must return with a verdict of  'not guilty.' Thank you. Defense rests, Your Honor."
The jury returns. "Madame foreman, have you reached a verdict?"
Foreman: "Yes we have, Your Honor. In the case of 2 year old, Zaya Reins, we the jury find the defendant, 'not guilty'."

Roll credits.    Coming to NBC this fall.......LOL


  1. Am I the only person reading this blog? :)

    1. Not according to the stats but I am certainly grateful that you do! :)

    2. If you read my blog...then that's more than I could hope for. Thanks "Muse"!!

    3. This blog is essentially therapy for me. Haven't had time to blog more often because of my health. Do you think I should stop blogging? But if I "only have one reader" I still think it is worth it.

  2. Please, do not stop. I think it's good for you to share your thoughts and feelings by "casting them into the wind" - so to speak. Besides, you are a writer and writers should write, right? Write away, write away - I will follow. ;)

    1. Thank you for all your encouragement...and the Bill Bryson books. You're right. I am a writer therefore I should write. My "textbook" is "Letters to a Young Poet" by Wilke keeps me encouraged, as do you. I have volumes of writings that no one has ever seen. I was afraid as a writer, I might find out that as precious a writing to me is...I might not be good at it. Your readership alone is worth it! Thank you "Muse"!

  3. You've been writing for years and you've rarely not said what's on your mind. So what's to be afraid of? Are their deeper levels of your mind's purgatory of unconventional thoughts, ideas, and emotions? Unleash the hounds! Critics be damned! This is the one place you can do it. (I do, however, suggest that you don't do it in the garments department of your local Walmart - or in any other department, for that matter. "Excuse me ma'am, don't these shorts remind you of the ones Marilyn Chambers wore in one of her porno movies? You know, the one where she did it on a Whirlpool washing machine with a Black and Decker drill. Remember that one? It was a one of the top rentals down at the Porn Barn. I used to see you in there all the time. Remember me?")