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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Buyer and "Survey Taker" Beware

I like taking surveys...yep...I think my opinion is worth something.  On Dec. 7 od 2015, I took a survey on which programs I watch and those I do not.  At the end of the survey I see, "For your participation you are eligible for the following....."  Now being a breast cancer patient, the only thing that appealed to me was a skin cream priced at $1.95. So I ordered it. If it is as good as they claim, I might order more. What I didn't know was by buying this product at $1.95, I would be billed 99 dollars per month until I closed "my account."
This is a scam I ashamedly fell for. Now I have to have my debit/credit care changed, dispute this charge at my bank and have to go TO my bank to get my money back.  At present, I have no transportation...but I will have sometime soon.
I called the company who issued the charge and she said that "taking part in the survey and taking a product offer 'gave them permission to bill my account every month until I call them to cancel my so-called membership. She also kept telling me of the "tremendous benefit of the DERMASCLARA cream and 'kit' that I had received.  This "kit" is a 1/2oz squeeze bottle of cream that doesn't seem to be any more than a watered down Oil of Olay.
This stupid mistake of mine now results in a closed debt card, being issued a new card that will arrive between 7-10 days...which I understand. Then I must get a ride over to my bank to sign a "disputed charge form" while the spokesperson at the cosmetics company refuses to discontinue this "monthly shipment.
I told her repeatedly that I do not want the product but she just kept saying "Have a Nice Day."
So because I was stupid enough to "grab that bargain" they "grabbed me right back claiming the charge can/will go up to $99 per month." I'm NOT paying it. My bank is working with me to get this settled.
"Live and Learn" as my grandma used to say. I certainly have this time.
Even though I explained to her my "one-time offer" was to be exactly that...a "one time offer" I got tricked into monthly shipment of a nicely packaged but worthless product.
So Readers: Do not make the same stupid mistake I did. Vanity probably won over because when you are a cancer patient you see yourself as ugly, at times scaly and would like a little help. So I ordered the $1.95 cream as "reward for my survey participation" but am now apparently on the hook for monthly shipments!
Don't be a fool like I was. If you are offered a product from a survey you've taken, get someone on the line to ensure that the product you ordered is all you will get and not a recurring charge and shipment you hadn't wanted.
Trying to cover up some chemo skin got me into this mess....I'm just hoping to stop someone else from being a fool!
Buyer and "Survey Taker" Beware!!!
God Bless


  1. Science doesn't devote nearly enough research to finding a cure for deception and selfishness.