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Monday, February 2, 2015

At Least He Tried to "Put a Ring On It"

No matter how old your children are, you want the best for them, hurt when they hurt and help whenever you can. You do your best to raise them properly and hope they'll have great lives, few problems and even fewer heartbreaks. There is nothing quite so painful as watching your child deal with rejection no matter what the level.
In previous posts, I "may have mentioned" what I think of my son Blake's relationship with his girlfriend but they've been together for more than two years and last March, they gave me a beautiful granddaughter. Over this past weekend, Blake asked me to dinner to show me the bridal set he'd gotten--and break the news that he was going to propose marriage to his girlfriend. "Don't do it! You're too young!" I thought but decided NOT to say. I chose to be impressed with the fact that he was going to make a commitment to the mother of his child and "put a ring on it"!
Instead of waiting and planning some big Valentine's Day proposal, Blake "popped the question" this past Saturday--after supper and after putting the baby down for the night. Apparently, he asked her to marry him, she said "Yes" but "hates the rings and won't wear them."
I'm stunned. Who takes the man but not the rings? Blake told me she thinks the rings are 'too big, not the right color and ugly.' Now, I'll admit they aren't Kim and Kanye caliber but they are decent, right?
What happened to 'it's the thought that counts'; the effort he put into the pricing, the selecting and the presenting? Whatever happened to loving the ring/rings because "he" got them for you? Wouldn't the gesture itself turn the cheapest ring into something priceless? When you love someone, isn't the ring just a formality? Apparently not.
I've got two sayings at the ready because sooner or later, Blake will ask me what I think about this episode with his girlfriend. One is a common adage and the other is a quote from the late Dr. Maya Angelou: "Actions speak louder than words" and "When someone shows you who they are--believe them." I guess that leaves nothing else to say but maybe:


(hand modeling by AnnaB! lol)


  1. I've got three things I'd like to contribute - two sayings and a personal opinion of the young woman.
    1. "When one gives a lesson in meanness to a critter or a person, don’t be surprised if they learn their lesson."
    2. "When the chips are down, you figure the buffalo is empty."
    3. BITCH!
    That is all.

  2. Why can't people simply be happy with the beautiful things offered to them? There will - most likely - come a time when no one is offering them anything.