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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ladies: Get In The Game!

4th and 18 on their own 27 yard line, down one point--33 seconds left in the game, #7 Auburn QB Marshall throws a 73 yard 'hope this works' Hail Mary pass in the vicinity of two Georgia defensive backs who each tip the ball which (somehow) lands in the hands of receiver Lewis for a game-winning touchdown.
All I could do was paraphrase the great Al Michaels and yell, "Hey Auburn...do YOU believe in miracles? Yes!" My female friends didn't share my enthusiasm.
In my opinion, that play was better than any movie my lady friends tell me I absolutely "must see." These are the same women who complain about 'all that football' every weekend. They don't understand why 'he' would rather watch games all weekend than go to a movie, dinner or shopping with them. "Saturday it's college and Sunday it's the pros," they whine. I didn't mention that Monday night and Thursdays are football nights, too.
Every weekend they call me and every weekend they complain to me and every time I give them the same advice: Get in the game! I tell them:

You don't have to know the history of every team, the rules of the game or any position. All you have to know is that one team is trying to beat the other. You already know about running plays. You understand lining up offense and defense---I've seen you at 'Black Friday.' Nobody was getting by you or faster than you crossing the doorway at that shop! You know what possession means. I saw you grab that pricey handbag the second it fell out of that woman's hands and onto the floor. You know about "recovering a fumble." You're a football fan waiting to happen.

There are so many reasons to watch football, ladies. With college, you can cheer for your school and remember what it was like. Follow a player and see what he grows up to be. I'm spoiled in that regard, I went to college with a certain Manning fellow. One of 'Archie and Olivia's boys.'
As for the NLF, it's like looking into an aquarium of all types of men. Grown men. Flawed men. Big, strong, athletic men in all shapes and sizes showing off skill and talent in colorful jerseys and tight pants. Sure they are mostly millionaires who 'play' for a living but all this is available for our viewing pleasure. Makes you glad you're a woman.
Pick a city to cheer for or against. Pick a uniform color scheme. Pick 'that guy' in the gossip rag who's now living with her, partying with him or in that shampoo, pizza or nighttime cold medicine commercial you like to watch.
Pick a storyline. There are heroes and villains, rookies and those on their 'last ride.' Vampires and werewolves? They ain't got nothing on Vikings, Patriots, Ravens or Saints. Neither Sparks or Meyers could match the story of a devastated city's Super Bowl run, win and the image of the MVP's baby son wearing headphones in Daddy's arms as confetti floats all around him.
But if all else fails, go the fashion route. The NFL realized there is a market for women's clothes and it can be used to your advantage. Want his attention? Wearing a nice fitting team jersey---and nothing underneath---just might get you introduced to football terms like 'illegal use of the hands, 'all-out blitz' and 'penetration'! Enjoy!

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