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Saturday, April 6, 2013

My NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Story

It was the night of the Michigan vs. North Carolina title game. 1993. My mother is from Detroit and the Fab Five were my guys. I was confident in my Wolverines so it was "bring on the Tar Heels!"

Growing up in a family of guys teaches you a lot about sports and I was ready. As luck  would have it, I received an invitation to a party an hour before the game's broadcast. I decided to go to the party. Nothing dramatic was going to happen that night anyway. Michigan would win, I would watch the replay on TV and Life would be grand. Well.........

After much exhaustive research, the minute Chris Webber called that famous 'time-out' in the game, was the exact minute I was meeting "the one" at the party. Long story short, our son was born in December of 1994.

Our son grew up hearing about the night his parents met. "Mom, if you had been a real sports fan," he says, "I wouldn't be here." He is right! If I had stayed home and watched the game that night, there would be one less Wolverine in the world.

When our son was ten years old, Dad and I found the "Chris Webber game" on ESPN Classic and the three of us watched it in its entirety for the very first time. Now our son is eighteen years old and the Wolverines have the chance to go to the title game again. That is why we came to Atlanta. It's a family affair.  All three of us in the arena to see Michigan play for a chance at another national championship game: Mommy, Daddy and "Christopher." Bring on the Orangemen!

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