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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vote Selfishly

I can't believe that I was actually nervous before last night's second presidential debate.  Nothing in that debate, the previous debate or the final debate next week could change my mind on who I will vote for. I am voting for the man who represents ME and MY interests---not some "down the road" economy America will "finally get back."

I found that I was nervous NOT about the debate but the I was actually dreading the "Aftermath." How is the Right going to spin it and vice versa the Left? From the last debate, I KNOW that I can hear a candidate say something that is COMPLETELY false yet that (lie) falsehood gets "explained" and "interpretted" by his "people."

Don't pay any attention to all the "spinners" out there...NO WAIT---pay attention to EVERY SPINNER involved with this election. See if YOU can spot the lies...the REAL lies. Don't be naive and think that "he meant to say this or he actually meant that." If the man can't tell us exactly what he stands for under the lights of TV studios, how is he going to do it under the microscope of the rest of the world?

Who do these pundits think they are? WE are the American people these TV people and politicians keep talking about. WE THE PEOPLE know what WE want!!

Vote selfishly!

Don't any of these "experts" realize that we know they are full of s***? Their completely blind loyalty to their guy and their overt hatred of the "other guy" makes us turn off the "news" in favor of TV Land...and in extreme cases, Honey Boo Boo.

Personally, I do not want Romney as president. He is a wealthy man who succeeded in business and yet doesn't have the "How to Win Friends and Influence People" know-how to get me to trust him with MY country. That's right---MY country.  It is YOUR country, too. OUR country.

Vote Selfishly!

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