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Confession: March 24th was going to be the end for me. Months with no car, pain, painful treatments, meds screwed up, isolated, low on cash...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


        Hello and welcome!  I am your humble servant, Dyane. You are arriving just as the foundation of this new establishment is being set. Gotta be sturdy and strong. Gotta be reliable. Gotta be here! I want you to want to be here, too.
        Introduction?  I am a single mother who has been a registered nurse in intensive care for over twenty years. At 32, I finally became a mother, delivered a baby boy by natural childbirth, discovered my son's father was on drugs, left him and have been raising said boy by myself for nearly eighteen years. To tell you the truth, I never wanted to be anybody's wife...I just wanted to be somebody's mommy!
        Description? Well, I am a five-five, one hundred and thirty pound, curvy, 38DD, blonde woman with a weakness for wigs, shoes and men.  At any moment I could just, "throw my wig in the air---and wave it like I just don't care!" Join me, won't you?
        Qualifications?  I am a member of the female population...the Southern female population. I  survived poverty, high school, cheerleading, dating, partying and danced naked in a well-known club. I survived college, even more partying, marriage, miscarriages, world travel, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorder and cancer.  I was taught how to cook, curse, fight, fry, bake and bitch  by a grandmother who always said, "Live without regret, your ass won't ever get out of this life alive anyway!" That's what I am doing. Join me, won't you?








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