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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Payday Loan Problems Part Duh!!

Never get a payday loan!
Since January, I have gotten DAILY phone calls and HOME visits from a payday loan company that we'll call "Wegional Finance." It's out of Knoxville, TN. Breast cancer took a great toll on my body, and my finances. I made the mistake of not ONLY getting a loan but falling behind. I owe 254 dollars--so far. I'm sure they'll be "unforeseen charges" to my account.
The more I try to work with them...the more they refuse to "treat this customer with courtesy." They dig in. They want ALL 254 in a MONEY ORDER. Not 1/2 the amount or even $200. It has to be the full 254.
Their reps come to my home...they call every day. When they come to my home...they refuse to take what I have to pay them! When they call...they demand the full amount and "just can't understand" how not having transportation at present is possible! "Get someone to bring you!" They say. Well, DUH!! If I could I would!
I talk to them to show effort on my part only to hear the same demands I've heard since this entire thing started. People say I'm crazy for talking to them...I guess they are right. I thought speaking with them showed effort on my part...it only gets me more harassment.
This past Wednesday, I got a letter claiming they "hadn't been able to reach" me. A blatant lie. I imagine they sent this to me and put it in "my file" so if any corporate type examined my file, it would appear I'd avoided them. I called them, spoke to "Pete" at "Wegional Finance" who claimed, "we send that t everyone. It's a 'form letter.' Makes us look like we're doing our jobs." OMG!!
I have always paid my bills like a responsible adult but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, some of my financial decisions were desperate and borderline foolish. But I never expected to be harassed on the phone and in person from a company claiming to "be 1st in customer service"!  March 3 is the day I'll settle this "issue" for good but I bet those calls and visits will continue.
It reminds me of a scene from "Goodfellas" where the bar owner asked "Paulie" to go in with him as a full partner. As 'Henry Hill'(I'm paraphrasing) said, "It allowed Paulie to do whatever he wanted with the place and the guy still had to pay him. 'No money? F**k you, pay me".....etc.
I have complained to everyone that is supposed to look into customer complaints but just like that poor bar owner, I get either no help or an implied "F**k you. Pay them."
It's too late for me but maybe I can save one of you from making this mistake. Learn from me. If you're considering a payday loan....JUST SAY NO!!


  1. May we ask, what's the balance of your loan now?

  2. The balance is 506 going down to 252 when/if they accept the 254 I sent. It seems such a low amount but sometimes people just do not have it. I have never dealt with a company refusing to work with it's clients...and use names like "deadbeat" and "excuses-user" in a reference breast cancer that caused quite the strain on my finances! Not everyone is nice in business, huh? God Bless!

  3. Curious to know - did they accept your payment?

  4. Thank you for asking. Unfortunately, this company did not accept the payment. It was returned along with a "nice little note" "reminding me" that I "must pay the entire amount of $506"! I have never known a company to refuse agreed upon arrangements! Well, it's what I get for getting a payday loan, I guess. UGH!!

  5. Are they charging you interest and fees while not accepting partial payment?

    1. I finally decided to fight back a little bit. I emailed corporate offices and anyone who seemed "in charge" with complete details of everything that had been done and FINALLY..."Andrew" has put a stop to it. My $254 payment will not only be taken...it will be my last...along with "Andrew's sincerest apologies"!! VICTORY!
      By the way, thanks for your interest. I felt like I had a 'cyber' ally!!

  6. Wow! Nicely done. Initially, how much did you borrow? Had they DOUBLED the amount you had borrowed?

    1. My initial amount borrowed was 300 and yes, they had nearly doubled the amount! "Lesson learnt" lol