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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Johari Window---Our "Panes"

The most fascinating thing I remember from Psych class was the idea of the "Johari Window." It explains an aspect of self-concept and human nature. I believe it shows something that is common to all of us no matter where we live or where we are in life. Rich or poor, Royalty or commoner, think of yourself as a window with the following four panes of glass:

Pane #1: OPEN.
We know ourselves and what we like to show to others. You are just "you."

Pane #2: CLOSED.
This is the part of ourselves we lock away. The past is past--over and done. It's history!

Pane #3: BLIND.
This is what we just cannot see about ourselves that everyone else can. You think you're nice but you come off like a jerk.

Pane #4: HIDDEN
This is what we dare not reveal about ourselves to others out of fear of rejection and/or judgment.  "What if they knew you had...been in jail? a junkie? bouts of depression? etc."

The next time you are in a group, with your friends or alone in a crowd, take a look at all the "windows" around you. Try to imagine who and what you would be OPEN to, CLOSED to, BLIND to and what you feel you'd need to keep HIDDEN from all of them.

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